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Grainger Consulting is primarily a forensic fire protection engineering and forensic civil engineering firm. The bulk of my work is related to fire protection system failures. These failures include pipe (above and below grade, steel and plastic), fire sprinkler system (valves, sprinkler heads, fittings), fire pump systems, fire separations (fire rated doors, walls, floors), structural fireproofing and firestopping and kitchen hood systems. I am a 3rd party fire rating listing agent for a number of unique high security fire rated door systems.  I do investigate personal injury case that may be related to failures of any of the above systems. People have been severely injured and killed due to flying pipe and valves and poorly trained staff that don’t properly respond to alarms. Fire alarm systems that don’t alarm properly or a pipe support fails and someone Is injured as a result are in my list of cases worked. Pipe system issues such as microbiologically induced corrosion that may impact the flow of water through a pipe system are always challenging and interesting. Hydraulic failures where an insufficient volume of water is delivered to a fire or where such a condition is suspected to be the case are very interesting and challenging.  

Grainger Consulting, Inc. Mesa, AZ  is a fire protection-engineering firm. We provide fire and building code-consulting services, forensic engineering, alternate means and methods-fire and building code analysis/design, and design services of fire protection systems. Fire Protection systems include fire suppression, detection and alarm & fire separations such as doors and walls, structural fireproofing and smoke management systems consulting. We have been providing these services since 29 January 1985.

The initial scope of design services was primarily our design of suppression systems. Over the years our design scope has evolved gradually to include fire alarm design and structural fire proofing design.

The Alternate Means and Methods services that we provide grew out of our code consulting services as clients came to us looking for solutions to their special conditions. Conditions that the fire and building code did not address or would not permit without special attention by an expert in this field.

The forensic engineering services that we provide are a natural evolution of our continued experience and expertise in design, construction code application and specialty services combined with a strong background in general construction and fire protection systems prior to forming Grainger Consulting, Inc.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our services is that we provide them because we enjoy it. We gain enormous personal satisfaction from our work, being of service.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A truly excellent job reviewing the case, analyzing the issues and testifying at trial. I recommend Scott highly."
​                                Bruce Crawford.

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I do provide some design services for fire protection systems such as fire sprinkler systems, fire pump systems, fire alarm systems, structural fireproofing systems and hazardous material storage systems but most of my work in these areas is related to solving problems associated with existing systems that are not functioning properly or that do not provide the protection required or that are not code compliant (safe) for some reason. Expert witness. Fire and safety engineering. Fire Safety

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